Our Business

From resin parts' design to mass production we support everything, including material selection, optimum design of molded parts, narrowing molding conditions, and small lots, delivered quickly, based on the know-how that we have accumulated over many years.

Injection molding technology

Our products

  • PA66
  • PBT
  • LCP
  • PPS
  • PAR etc.

Our field of expertise is in ultra-small molding injection.

We inject mainly "U Polymer", a super engineering plastic that UNITIKA LTD. has industrialized for the first time in the world, and with exceptional heat resistance up to 193℃.

We handle molded products with complicated structures and metalwork that require precision to the level of microns.

Resin material sale

We also sell the resin materials of UNITIKA GROUP in Thailand, and we can support small lots.

Please feel free to contact us.

UNITIKA LTD. Kyoto sisaku Terabo Co.,Ltd

Sales of plastic mold die

We produce and sell ultra-precision molds.

We can provide molds that support rigid dimensional precision, so please feel free to contact us anytime.

We support only precision molds for molding machines of the 30T-50T class.

Trading business

We handle two-way trading between Japan and Thailand, utilizing our Thailand factory as the base.

We provide various items including resin materials and general goods, etc.

We deliver goods and food materials to the designated places in Japan.